Rip60 workout system

What is the Rip60 Workout System?


Get Ripped in 60 Days with Rip60

Rip60 is a training method where gravity and your own bodyweight is used along with the Rip60 suspension straps to provide a complete body workout.
Rip60 provides a well-rounded workout as it incorporates all of the following aspects of fitness: flexibility, strength, stability and balance.
This is achieved by recreating natural human movement patterns. Using the Rip60 allows you to incorporate strength training and cardiovascular training in the one session.



Experts agree that this form of combination training burns more calories and improves cardiovascular fitness and strength.

What is suspension training

Suspension training makes use of a simple strap system to challenge your body with balance, agility, flexibility and strength making it an excellent full body workout.
Anytime you challenge multiple muscle groups at once you are going to see amazing results faster than traditional exercise.
Through functional, multi-directional movement, the rip60 improves strength and stability and prepares the body for the real world.
The stabilizing core muscles are used in every movement, which allows people to see results in a short time frame.
It is suitable for all fitness levels and all of the movements using a Rip60 are compound exercises. This means multiple muscle groups are being used at once for optimal gains.

What you get when ordering the rip60 system

You will receive everything pictured here:


60 days of progressive workouts on an 8-DVD workout system

The Rip60 suspension strap set

60-Day Nutrition Guide

Wall Chart Exercise Guide

Work out with Georges St. Pierre, MMA World Champion

Work out with Jillian Michaels, America’s Toughest Trainer

Watch the unboxing video

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Anyone can use the Rip60 system

Rip60 is suitable for beginners while still being challenging for the highest level of professional athlete.
The key to this range of user-ability is the progressive programming.
Rip60 starts new users with the most fundamental movement patterns, building strength, stability and flexibility; then proceeds to successfully build them up to where they can safely complete more complicated and challenging movements.
You are not only able to visibly see a difference in your overall health, you are also able to feel yourself become stronger, more flexible and more coordinated with each and every workout.
You will start to confidently and easily complete movements you once found complicated and challenging.


Need more? Check out the complete review and see what system users are saying.

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